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YOUR first connection with Bold Vision Books should be through a query letter.  

Send a query letter to giving the basic information about your nonfiction book or your novel.  Include a synopsis about the book and information about your audience and why you are qualified to write the book or novel.

After reading your query letter, we will advise you if we want to see the full proposal.  Then use the following guidelines for nonfiction proposals or the guidelines for fiction proposals found here. 



What You Need To Know About Book Non Fiction Proposals


By Karen Porter

A Book Proposal tells:

  • What is the book about?
  • Why would anyone want to read it?
  • Who has written other books like it and how your book is different from those?
  • What qualifies you to write the book?
  • What will you do to promote and market the book?
  • What is the benefit (or "take-away") message of the book?

The proposal convinces the publisher you have a message and that a certain audience needs and wants to hear the message.


The publisher wants to know you know what you are writing and whether they can sell it. The publisher may invest as much as $40,000 in your book. Because publishing is a business, you must convince the publisher the book is needed, and wanted and can sell. Then you persuade the publisher you can write it.


Format the proposal professionally.

  • Use no fancy fonts or clip art or colors.
  • Use Times New Roman, Garamond, Courier, or Ariel, 12 point.
  • Use 1 inch margins.
  • Front matter can be single spaced. Sample Chapters must be double spaced.
  • Start each sample chapter half-way down the page.
  • Do not bind or staple the proposal; send loose, not in a three-ring binder or other fancy binding. Most publishers prefer the proposal to be transferred digitally ONLY after they have requested it.
  • Read the publisher’s guidelines.



Title page and overview:


On this page tell what category the book is in; the length, the status, the genre, the audience, etc. One of the most important features of your proposal is the overview paragraph. Can you write a synopsis of the whole book in one paragraph? The publisher will stop reading the proposal here if you don't do a good job on this paragraph. Bullet points are effective if used well.


 Market Analysis:


Search book stores and for books related to your topic. Read the reviews. Read the books. Read the descriptions. Prepare a list of books already out there on your subject. Write a paragraph stating the name of the book, publisher, author, date of publication, the ISBN#, and what the book is about. Then write a sentence about how your book is different.



Marketing and Promotion: What will you do to help sell the book?


Bio Page: This resume is not to tell everything you've ever done. Instead cover the important things in your life and include anything qualifying you to write this book such as education and experience or if you have used this material in a teaching/speaking situation. For example, have you traveled to Eastern Europe to give the seminar based on this book, etc?


Chapter Summaries: Write short paragraphs for each chapter. Be sure to include a hook to entice the reader to read the chapter, a description of the chapter, and the benefit to the reader. Suggestion: Try to write the chapter in no more than three sentences. (Writing three well-crafted, power-packed sentences in the chapter summary will tell the publisher you have a full grasp of what you are writing.) If you’ve written three strong sentences, the publisher will be intrigued enough to ask for more and may come back to you later asking you to write a full page on each chapter to flesh the idea out.


After the 'front matter' above, submit three chapters.


Writing a great book proposal is the beginning of the publishing process and the only way to get a publisher to look at your material. And the process of writing a good book proposal is a great exercise to go through because you become focused on what you want to write. It helps you remember the main message of your material and it helps you envision the reader out there who needs your message.

First page of your proposal:








City, State Zip




Email Address



Second page of your proposal:


Title                            TITLE


Author                        Your Name

Category                     Genre


Length                        # chapters #words


Status                          Is the manuscript completed or drafted? How long will it take you to finish?


Target Audience        Men? Women? Teens? Age range?


Overview and Benefits

Write a synopsis paragraph. Include the main points of your book and the benefit to readers.


Third page of your proposal:


Market Analysis – Competition


Do some research in bookstores and on Find published books with a message similar to your topic. Make a list of 7-10 of these books with the following information:


Title, Author, Publisher, Date of Publication, ISBN#, One or two sentences about the book. Write a sentence or two explaining why YOUR TITLE is different.

Fourth page of your proposal:

Marketing and Promotions


  • What will you do to promote the book?
  • Do you speak? How often? What kind of groups?
  • Do you have a data base? How big? What kind of people are on your data base?
  • Do you have a newsletter or blog? How many people read your work?
  • Do you have experience in radio and TV or webcasting? How will you get interviews on media?
  • What is your plan for getting book signings in your area and where you travel?
  • Will you record video or audio about the book at your own expense? Do you have the expertise and connections to make such recordings?
  • Who are personal friends and colleagues who will endorse your book?
  • How much money will you spend on promotion?

Fifth page of your proposal:


Biographical Information

Include a small photo.

Write a bio that pertains to the book.


Next pages:




Chapter One: Title



Chapter Two: Title



Chapter Three: Title












Chapter One


Start each chapter in the middle of a new page.


Include chapter one and two others (preferably the first 3 chapters).

Using these guidelines and preparing a thorough book proposal will take work and organization. You will have to focus your book idea. The work you do will help the publisher know you are ready to write this book and if you make the investment in time and effort, you will connect with a publisher and be on your way to writing the book.

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