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Welcome To Bold Vision Books

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Who Is Bold Vision Books?

Bold Vision Books is an independent, traditional publisher, looking to change the publishing industry. 


Our Up-And-Coming books

We always have fabulous books coming out in a variety of genres. Here are some of our latest.


be Our Next Author

Looking for a publisher? Find out more about our requirements here.



our mission

We exist to publish compelling, creative, and beautiful books. Our goal is to change the world and further the message of Christ through the written word.




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How to Submit a Manuscript to Bold Vision Books

We make every effort to respond to each query that follows our guidelines.
We do not publish fantasy, picture books, screenplays, Bible studies, or poetry.
All queries must be submitted by email without attachments.
If we ask for a proposal, follow our guidelines.


Send a query email to

Address us by name: George Porter, Karen Porter, Gloria Penwell-Holtzlander, Rhonda Rhea

  • About 300 words
  • Hook. Do you have a connection such as met us at a writers conference?
    • “I met you at XYZ writers conference…”
    • “I know you are interested in YA fiction…”
  • Title, genre, word count
  • Summarize your book. Write this summary like back-cover copy.
    • Fiction – discuss main characters, what happens, what choice they must make, but don’t give away the entire plot
    • Non Fiction – discuss the main theme, how you will flesh it out, why it is a felt need, and who is your audience.


  • Tell us about your Platform—blog, newsletter, endorsements, social media numbers, speaking


If BVB requests more, follow our book proposal guidelines on our website.