Articles, Articles, Articles

Articles, Articles, Articles


Supplement your income doing what you love—writing.

Do you want to expand the reach of your message?

The answer to that question and many more lies in writing articles. Article writing is a good way to begin a writing career because you learn to write tightly, meet deadlines, and stay within word count. Articles reach more people than books. Articles supplement your income as you sell and resell them to many markets.

Articles, Articles, Articles will help you

Learn the basics of article writing

Develop your ideas into marketable articles

Know the difference between articles for print and the web

Explore different types of articles

Understand the rights you sell

Find markets that match your writing skills

And much more!

Don’t wait another minute. Begin your adventure into the exciting world of articles today.

Linda Gilden is an award-winning author, speaker, editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach and author of twelve books and more than a thousand magazine articles. Linda lives in South Carolina with family and loves every minute spent with her six grandchildren. Visit

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