Encouraging Hearts Handbook

Encouraging Hearts Handbook


How to be a Good Friend. 

The Encouraging Hearts Handbook is a rare blend of true stories of friendship with engaging ideas to guide you in your quest to become an encouraging friend. 

Within the pages of this book, you will learn how to comfort the grieving, reassure the worried, and calm those facing difficult life situations. With earnest prayer and faith, you will not only encourage your friends, but offer courageous words that will serve as a lighthouse into their future--no matter how dark. But even when your words fail, learn how to give one of the most comforting gifts of all -- the gift of listening. 

Linda says, "Too many women are trying to fly with broken wings of discouragement." The Encouraging Hearts Handbook will help you give wings of encouragement so that your loved ones can soar above their circumstances. 

The stories of more than 50 women are interwoven into the handbook so that you will see practical, real-life applications on how to be a good friend as you discover the unequaled joy of becoming an encouraging heart. 

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