Identity Theft - Devotional Study Guide

Identity Theft - Devotional Study Guide


Do you see yourself as uniquely created and completely loved?

Today’s women come in assorted packages – various ages and sizes, different faiths and denominations, and varied economic backgrounds. We are different but we have one unique similarity: we have questions.

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here?

  • Do I have a purpose?

  • Do I have a divine purpose?

  • Can I make a difference in my world?

  • What is my value and worth?

God has the answers to all of these questions. He invites us to find our true identity. When we discover how we are “wonderfully made,” we will understand how unique and irreplaceable we are. God is our Creator and He built into each one of us a purpose and a plan.

 This seven-week Devotional Study Guide will help you become fully aware of the enemy’s plans to steal your God-given identity and to help you safeguard your life. This study is an inspirational resource for your personal devotional time and a powerful tool for women to study together. Gather a few of your friends in a small group or in a weekly women’s Bible study and discover how to live in your true identity.

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