Identity Theft - Whose Life are you Living?

Identity Theft - Whose Life are you Living?


Whose life are you living?

In a TV commercial, two sweet-looking elderly women named Thelma and Betty sit next to each other dressed in flowery, smocked dresses, daintily sipping coffee. When they speak, you expect to hear two soft, aged voices. Instead, the voices of two loud, crude, redneck men, laugh and congratulate each other about the awesome Harleys they just rented “free” courtesy of Thelma’s and Betty’s credit cards.

Funny commercial; not so funny situation.

Most of us are familiar with this kind of identity theft; however, there is another more destructive kind.

Are you a victim of identity theft?

  • Do you find your value in what you own or what you do?

  • Do you allow what others say or think about you control your emotions?

  • Have you stopped pursuing your dreams or passions because you think you’re not talented or smart enough?

  • Do you often feel alone?

  • Have you lost your joy and enthusiasm for life?

Identity Theft will help you restore all that has been taken.

If your  heart is whispering, “I want my life back,” don’t live another day as a victim.

Learn how to guard your heart and protect yourself against the thief of your soul. Begin today living in your true identity.

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