Amanda Grace Caldwell is a twenty-something still navigating the post-college years, complete with new jobs, new cities, exorbitant rent, dating—you name it.

She shares candidly about all that she and others have learned (for better or worse) about finding contentment in the in-between years. As a professional counselor, Amanda Grace includes counseling tips, exercises, and questions at the end of each chapter for those in the Meanwhile.

Millennials look toward the future with the utmost optimism. Walking across the stage to receive your diploma is supposed to mean that you have arrived. Life felt relatively easy to navigate up to this point—you’ve achieved the goals you set. You have a close circle of friends and feel pretty capable to tackle life head-on.

Then you face the disappointments that life brings—missed opportunities, lost loves, and the reality of living day to day. The future still looks bright, but...

What do you do in the Meanwhile?

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