Shipwrecked! Learning from the Bible Bad Guides

Shipwrecked! Learning from the Bible Bad Guides


Jonathan Brentner’s life did not turn out even close to the way he had planned it. For years he wrestled with anger toward God until a look at some bad guys in the Bible changed his perspective. Although he identified with the negative emotions that gripped their lives, he also saw the harm they brought on themselves by letting such feelings dictate their lives and lead to tragic decisions. Shipwrecked! is about learning from the mistakes of several Bible bad guys. Rather than give in to anger, resentment, and an unforgiving spirit as they did, you will discover the value of bringing the Gospel into all your circumstances. You will learn to walk with the Lord and trust your loving heavenly Father in the unexpected.

Jonathan C. Brentner is a writer, blogger, Bible teacher, and retired financial analyst. Through his writing, he reaches thousands each month with his perspectives on Scripture and biblical prophecy.

He has a B.A. from John Brown University, an MDiv degree from Talbot Theological Seminary, and an MBA degree from The University of Iowa. Jonathan wrote adult Sunday school curriculum for David C. Cook until he retired in June 2016 to pursue his passion of communicating the truths of the Bible on a full-time basis.

Jonathan and his wife Ruth reside in North Liberty, Iowa. Together they have five children and ten grandchildren.

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