When Life Roars, Jesus Whispers

When Life Roars, Jesus Whispers


When Kathi Waligora faced the worst day of her life, she didn’t know that many more days would crash down on her in the weeks that followed. She cried out to God as her life roared. And in reply, the gentle whisper of Jesus gave her peace and comfort and hope to continue forward.

When we are exhausted or depressed, God will strengthen and shelter us. He will give us shade when we are traveling through the dry, hot wilderness. In God, we find warmth when we are cold and miserable. In God, we find nourishment when we are hungry and thirsty. In God, we find communion.

“No façade remained of the candy-coated lives we had lived for so many years. We were a rough group of people loved by Jesus. Through the toughest times, we discovered favor of God as if we had always fully recognized it.”

When your life roars with uncontrollable circumstances

and pain, Jesus whispers sweet peace.

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