LINKED Quick Guide for Educators

LINKED Quick Guide for Educators


Maximizing Classroom Connections

One Link at a Time

Among all the dynamics of a successful

classroom, the personalities of teachers and

students could be the greatest.

• Would you like to encourage more learning and participation?

• What if you could change the dynamics of your classroom by changing

your perspective?

“Understanding how to accept and celebrate different personalities in the

classroom can be a game changer. Imagine the empowerment this superb

succinct guide can bring as teachers recognize, respond, and capitalize on the

strength of each student!” ~Dalene Parker, Ed.D., NBCT

Are You the

Get-it-done educator?

Life-of-the-party educator?

Everything-in-order educator?

Keep-it-peaceful educator?

About the Authors

Linda Gilden and Linda Goldfarb are

authors, speakers, coaches, and personality

consultants. Their passion is to help individuals

build and grow relationships with others through

understanding personalities. Won’t you join them on

this journey?

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